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Home for the Future F222

2007 British Homes Awards Commended

Design F222 uses renewable solar energy to reduce energy required for heating, lighting and ventilation and creates an adaptable home. A strong design feature of the house is the sloping roof of solar panels, which will provide heating and generate electricity for most of the household needs. The roof will be accessible allowing solar panels to be maintained and upgraded as technology improves. The space below the sloping roof has dramatic double height views up the stair well and provides additional storage and study areas.  All the main living and bedrooms of the house are south facing in a separate wing, which combines with the sloping roof creating privacy and shelter in an L shaped courtyard. The living spaces open onto external terraces and have large windows to benefit from passive solar heating and daylight.  External shutters are used to avoid overheating and heat loss at night. The rooms will be draught free to avoid heat loss in winter but can be well ventilated with opening windows in summer. Natural chimney effect ventilation can also recover and reuse heat when there is a demand for both ventilation and heating. Recyclable and organic building materials will be used with green roofs to reduce rainwater runoff, create habitat and recycle grey water.