Historic application for Comyn Ching Triangle listing in 2016

Applications were made to Historic England in 2015 by Sir Terry Farrell and Gary Young for the entire Comyn Ching Triangle to be considered for historic listing. Widely regarded as a significant exemplar of 1980's regeneration, the buildings and urban spaces, now 30 years old, needed further protection from insensitive alterations.  Historic England in 2016 confirmed the grade 2 listed status for the entire group. The application for the listing was widely supported by historians, architects, residents and heritage groups including the 20th Century Society. The architectural press reported positively on the success of the landmark listing for an architectural regeneration of the 1980’s which is celebrated as an exemplar.    

Further information on publication available here

  Above photograph of the National Trust visit to Comyn Ching Triangle 30th April 2016

Above photograph of the National Trust visit to Comyn Ching Triangle 30th April 2016

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